I took a CPR course a number of years ago and decided it was time to take a refresher course and I couldn’t believe the difference in what I had learned from the Rapid Response instructor compared to my previous instructor – it was so much more thorough and much more hands-on! I definitely recommend Rapid Response to anyone considering upgrading their CPR skills.

James Fischer

As my company required us to be trained in first aid and CPR, me and my co-workers took a course through Rapid Response. Most of us have never taken this kind of training before but we’re sure glad we did. Not only did we learn a lot but our instructor made it so much fun so everyone really enjoyed being there (even if it was on a weekend)!

Kristy Smith

I work in healthcare and needed to have our entire team re-certified. Rapid Response was able to accommodate us in a very professional and seamless fashion. Dan Bresnahan from Rapid Response met with our team on a Sunday for a full day. He was very passionate about teaching and ensured that we all knew our material. Most importantly, he made what is usually dry material very fun and kept us laughing throughout the day. We were so impressed with Dan that we now use Rapid Response as our sole recertification provider. Thanks Dan!!!

Tanya Bogusky-Ghazar

Through my employer, I took a First Aid course from Rapid Response and found the instructor to be very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all questions posed to him and, on the whole, made the entire course very enjoyable all the while I was learning important emergency first aid skills. I highly recommend Rapid Response to anyone wishing to take a first aid course.

Greg Hansen

I have taken first aid courses in the past from different companies and afterwards felt that I would not fully know what to do if I had to deal with a real emergency. That all changed after taking a course from Rapid Response. The instructor made sure everyone was competent in their knowledge and skills but at the same time made the course fun in a relaxed and casual environment, overall it was a fantastic course!

Ashley Envoldson

“We arranged for Dan Bresnahan of Rapid Response First Aid to conduct CPR training for our staff. He arrived promptly, was prepared, and delivered the course material in a concise and entertaining way that engaged everyone. This course is not “new” for the majority of us in health care, so it can be challenging to make it fun, but Dan managed to do it. My staff remained enthusiastic for the duration of the training and commented that the day went by quickly and they felt confident in their abilities to conduct level C support in a critical situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan for your group training event.” Tom Wilk O.D., Owner, Mountain View Optometry

Tom Wilk, O.D.

I took the Standard First Aid course that Rapid Response offered and not only found it very interesting but Dan Bresnahan, our instructor, made it interesting and enjoyable. But the most important thing for me was that the course is certified through St. John Ambulance and I am now a proud holder of a St. John Ambulance first aid certificate.

Bonita O’Brien

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you from Sokil Transportation Group for an enjoyable and very informational course.
I have received very positive comments regarding your professionalism and delivery of the course. We will continue to use your services at both our Calgary and Edmonton branches. I would recommend Rapid Response for a thorough training program.

Bill Goodrich

The course I took through Rapid Response was a lot different than courses I have taken in the past from other companies. Dan was our instructor and having someone with his experience in EMS made all the difference. Instead of having someone who has had a desk job all their life and probably has never seen much more than a nosebleed, Dan has actually been on the “front lines” and shared his experiences with us and answered all our questions accurately. By far the best first aid course I have ever taken!

Mike Stratton