About Us

First Aid


Rapid Response specializes in providing First Aid and CPR training to company’s employees at their place of business, as well as the general public. All courses taught are St. John Ambulance certified and meet Alberta Occupational Health and Safety requirements. Students will receive a training manual and upon successful completion of a course, each student will receive a St. John Ambulance certificate.

Rapid Response provides individuals with the knowledge and training necessary so that in an emergency situation they know what to do prior to emergency services arrival – which could potentially save a life!

Using a teaching method that is both positive and supportive, Rapid Response works with small groups simulating emergency situations, thereby providing the student with scenarios where they can practice their skills in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.


Rapid Response is committed to teaching and promoting the highest standards of First Aid and CPR training.

About the President

Dan Bresnahan is the President of Rapid Response, as well as an instructor for the company. Prior to starting Rapid Response, Dan worked for a large company as their Health and Safety Specialist where he was responsible for the Emergency Response Programs which included the fire warden and first aid teams. While there, Dan realized that all employees, not just members of the first aid team, should have the opportunity to learn emergency skills they could use not only in their place of business, but in their everyday life as well. Because of this observation, Rapid Response was established to meet these training requirements.

In the past, Dan has taken emergency medical technician and paramedic training and has worked in the emergency medical services field for many years. Dan has over 20 years experience teaching first aid and CPR for St. John Ambulance and is certified to teach all levels of First Aid, CPR, AED, and WHMIS.

“My goal is to ensure that each student that is trained by Rapid Response leaves with the confidence and the skills necessary to handle any emergency situation that may arise in their workplace or home”, says Dan. “You will never learn anything more important than how to save a life.”